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September Digital Event Schedule

Facing the Tough Issues on Hybrid Work: How Communications Technology Will Support New Ways of Working
September 28, 2022
Times listed are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Using Change Management Strategies to Drive Hybrid Work Success

Melissa Swartz  (Founder, Swartz Consulting)

Date: Wednesday, September 28

Time: 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Session Type: Conference Breakout Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Whatever your enterprise’s specific hybrid work plan, it can only succeed if employees understand the strategy and what’s in it for them. For IT/communications professionals, this means you have to prepare end users for the changes that new tech tools and working arrangements will bring, and get their buy-in. Experience from earlier-generation UC adoption projects can help you design a change management plan for your enterprise’s move into hybrid work, and in this session, a consultant with deep experience in such projects will share best practices and real-world tips. You’ll come away with specific do’s and don’ts to help shape the change management plan on which your hybrid work strategy will either succeed or fail.


  • Understand the key principles of change management in the context of IT/UC adoption
  • Identify the key stakeholders, and how best to collaborate with them to support the technology component of the hybrid work plan
  • Learn how to design a flexible plan that can evolve as the enterprise’s hybrid work strategy meets real-world implementation challenges
  • Understand the resources required for successful change management in hybrid work adoption, and how to secure these resources as part of the process