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Why Frontline Workers Will Be a Critical Focus


Phil Edholm  (President & Founder, PKE Consulting)

Date: Wednesday, March 10

Time: 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Track: Conference Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Enterprise collaboration solutions for knowledge workers have developed fairly quickly and are widely adopted; now the industry is beginning to address the underserved market for communication/collaboration/teams systems targeted at frontline workers — i.e., field service, retail, healthcare, and others who don’t fit the self-managing knowledge worker category of traditional enterprise collaboration. With an estimated 120 million such workers in the U.S., the opportunity is compelling for enterprises to improve service levels and vendors to carve out a new market. But how should your enterprise approach this development?

In this session, a leading industry analyst who focuses on the frontline market will help you understand the technical and ROI issues, and give you a step-by-step guide to raising your communications/collaboration game for the frontline workers your enterprise depends on.


  • What types of job roles can most benefit from a UC-powered frontline communications solution? Will different types of workers within an enterprise need different frontline solutions?
  • How can frontline tools change the job structure and enhance productivity and customer and employee satisfaction?
  • How should your enterprise decide between a packaged frontline solution from a UC vendor, versus integrating communications into a vertical business app that workers already use? What are the technical challenges and benefits, and how do the costs compare?
  • Whichever model you choose, how does an enterprise make the business case for implementing frontline systems?
  • How do you plan and execute a rollout of a frontline solution to the different groups of workers within your enterprise who may benefit from it?